Monthly Home Vitals - $25.00/mo

*Licensed Medical Professional Monthly Visit! 
*Will take blood pressure/temp/respiration rate
*Weight and Body Fat Percentage (if requested)

Doctor (MD or DO) - $100.00 visit

*General examination (about 30 minutes)
*Can prescribe or refill current medications 
*General physical (must be requested/no labs unless ordered separately) (about 45 minutes)
*Leaves work or school excuse if needed

Veterinarian - $75.00 (per pet)

*Pet Exam (1 adult animal)
*Pet Exams (litters of pups/kittens addl $25 each)
*Pet labor assisting
*Heartworm and medication 
*Minor cuts and injuries 
*General care and consultation.

Nurse (RN, LPN,PA)  - $50.00 visit

*Help with administering medications
*Vital Signs
*Physical therapy/ROM, Bed Care, Enemas
*Wound Care (Non-emergency)
*Oxygen, Ostomy, Trach, Catheter Care
*General counseling and comfort

LAB TECHS (Phlebotomist/MA/EMT) - $50.00 visit

*Collecting Blood Samples (Per Doctor's Orders)
*Pregnancy, Drug  Alcohol Tests
*Blood Glucose Tests
*DNA Samples & Tests
*Specimen Dropoffs
*Other Lab Tests

Nurse Assistant (CNA/PCT) - $50.00 (2-hour visit)

*Vital Signs (Weight, Skinfold optional)
*ADL's (Bathing, Dressing, Feeding, Grooming)
*Reposition bedridden patients
*Empty bedpans
*Change bed sheets (bedridden patients)
*Adjunct Care, enemas, ice packs, sitz baths, etc.

Nutritionist - $50.00 (2-hour visit)

*Cooking (must provide ingredients & utensils)
*Meal Plans 
*Weight & BMI
*Nutritional Counseling

Personal Trainer  - $50.00 visit

*Recommend Exercise Plan (after physical)
*Monitoring Heart Rate 
*Assisting With Exercise (1 hour max workout)
*Jog/Walk/Run/Sports Companion
*Recommend Diet Plan
*Stretching/Warm-up Assistance
*Strength Training Assistance

MASSAGE THERAPIST - $50.00 visit

*Sports Injury massage and knead muscles
*Administer therapy treatments to patients using hands or physial treatment aids
*Finger and hand pressure treatment
*Develop patient therapy programs
*Use complementary aids, such as infrared lamps, wet compresses, ice, and whirlpool baths.

Cleaning Orderly - $50.00 (2-hour visit)

*Housework including sweeping, dusting and mopping floors (materials must be provided)
*Making beds (2 bed maximum)
*Trash removal (bathroom/kitchen/sick room)
*Loading dishwasher or laundry duties
*Empty and sanitizing bed pans/urinals 
*Cleaning bathroom, kitchen counters.

Clergy - $25.00 visit 

*Spiritual and/or religious guidance
*Can request according to faith: Catholic, Protestant Christian, Jewish, and Islamic.
*Final rites

Medical Ride (Per Mile Charge)

*Transportation for up to 2 people to doctors office or clinic. (non-emergency only)
*Passenger vehicles and/or handicap accessible vans upon request
*Can provide pickup and drop off services at separate trip charges.

medical bag

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