Do you want to run a health and wellness based business?


Scruubs is offering franchise opportunities for private practice doctors offices and individuals that want to receive 5% commissions on every visit or ride in their area.

How does it work?

Register with Scruubs for the exclusive rights to up to 5 *U.S. Postal zip codes that you want to promote Scruubs and receive commissions on non-emergency visits and rides. Areas are available on a first come, first serve basis. Be the first to register the zip code and it's yours as long as you are a franchisee. (5 year maximum agreement)

Scruubs will provide you with promotion materials, signage, recruiting and management services from our central dispatch office. Scruubs will handle the scheduling, tracking and payment of all the medical and non-medical professionals and drivers. You will be assigned a representative to assist you with setup. Your job is to promote Scruubs in your selected areas for bookings and ride requests.

Scruubs will provide promotion materials for franchisees to hold local events to introduce us to their communities. Monthly franchisee meetings will be held starting in October 2019.

Franchisees are also asked to assist with recruiting of Scruubs professionals. Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, cleaning companies, massage therapists, personal trainers and non-emergency drivers can all be registered for services in your territories. 

Franchise charge is $1,000 setup fee, (includes 30 days for recruiting/promotion), then $2,500/month and includes 5 *U.S. Postal zip code areas in approved states. 

*Franchise zip codes are only available in the following states: Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, All New England states except Rhode Island and Maine.

*If you are located in states in which franchises aren't available, please consider becoming business partners or an accredited investors.   

*Due to California's expected passing of Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), we are not accepting franchisees from that state until further notice. Please check back for details. 

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