Did you know that the United States spends the most on healthcare in the world? But, in spite of the great expense in healthcare, this country has results below the standards of many others.
As a healthcare professional, the need to help patients always prevails, and although many may proclaim: "In the American health care system, no one is left unattended", we must not leave out all those patients who avoid going to a medical center for fear of billing costs.

For non-emergencies, the answer is here. We heard you. We are Scruubs

What is Scruubs?

Scruubs will provide on-demand, non-emergency health and wellness services by doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to your home or place of business. We also offer cleaning services, personal trainers and non-emergency transportation. 

Own A Scruubs Franchise!

Ever wanted to be in the health and wellness industry? Now you can. 
Earn a percentage of every medical professional visit or ride in your territory.
Franchises available in every USA state (excluding California).

Invest In Scruubs

Accredited investors can purchase common stock shares in our current 506(c) offering. If you are not an accredited investor you may offer us medical supplies or business products and/or services in exchange for equity. 

Scruubs is Hiring 

Medical professionals (licensed in their state) from all areas and non-medical contractors for driving and cleaning services. 

Do you want to work your own hours doing what you love? Take vital signs, help with medications, or give drug or pregnancy tests on demand! 

We are seeking trained professionals within all medical backgrounds including nursing assistants, medical assistants, phlebotomists and others, as well as registered nurses and physicians that are no longer interested in working in traditional hospitals or clinics. 

Scruub's has set the services rates from $25USD - $100USD per one hour visit, so it will be easy to make well over the mean salary amounts for your position. 

Be your own boss and contract to work with us. It doesn't cost thousands of dollars to set up your business. We will help you and provide monitoring and clients.  

We are also seeking veterinarians, nutritionists, personal trainers, massage therapists and non-professionals services like cleaning orderlies and drivers. 

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Official Store 

Purchase field equipment, patient forms, medical supplies and more!


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